Fate: The Winx Saga

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To the Waters and the Wild
Episode overview
In hopes of mastering her magic, Bloom begins her studies at Alfea — and crosses paths with her curious classmates. Meanwhile, a secret comes to light.
No Strangers Here
Episode overview
A new day dawns as the students explore their powers… and feelings. Bloom and Stella team up for a mission. The Burned One’s reign of terror evolves.
Heavy Mortal Hopes
Episode overview
Past meets present as Bloom explores a pivotal memory. Meanwhile, Aisha struggles with her studies, Silva shares a secret and a school party takes shape.
Some Wrecked Angel
Episode overview
Bloom continues her search for answers with Sky. Beatrix works to conceal her crime. A special guest visits Alfea — and leaves Stella feeling conflicted.
Wither Into the Truth
Episode overview
In order to reconnect with Beatrix, Bloom seeks the help of a fellow student. Sky opens up about his past. Ms. Dowling shares more of her story.
A Fanatic Heart
Episode overview
As the Alfeans fight for survival, the truth about Bloom’s destiny is revealed. Can she help defeat the Burned Ones — or will evil outperform magic?