Big Little Lies

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What Have They Done?
Following first-day-of-school events, Madeline is worried by Bonnie’s behavior and, later, is shocked when Abigail says she doesn’t want to go to college. Mary Louise, Celeste’s .. show full overview
Tell Tale Hearts
Renata faces an uncertain future when Gordon lands in legal trouble. Corey asks Jane out on a “practice” date. After a challenging therapy session with Dr. Reisman, Celeste opens up to .. show full overview
The End of the World
Mary Louise tries to get closer to Jane. Rather than address her troubles at home, Renata focuses her wrath on Principal Nippal. Madeline is forced to confront her issues at a couples .. show full overview
She Knows
This episode has no summary.
Kill Me Now
This episode has no summary.
The Bad Mother
This episode has no summary.
I Want To Know
This episode has no summary.