Top Chef Junior

  • Wynik 8.0
  • Premiera: Paź 2017
  • Odcinki: 29
  • Obserwujący: 10
  • Pozycja #8563
  • Trwający
  • Universal Kids
  • Piątek w 8


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Making the Cut
Data emisji
Sie 04, 2018
At boot camp, 23 talented young chefs compete for their chance to make the cast of the second season of the series.
Stirring Up a Celebration
Data emisji
Wrz 08, 2018
A fresh group of young chefs kicks off the new season; signature dishes for a food festival; a party with an unexpected twist.
Sunny Side Up
Data emisji
Wrz 15, 2018
The chefs get a sudden wake up call with an eye-opening challenge to cook a scrumptious meal while still in their pajamas.
Rolling in Dough
Data emisji
Wrz 22, 2018
The chefs are on a roll when they let loose with a legendary arcade game and must wow a panel of special young judges with surprise ingredients.
Sweet Dreams Come True
Data emisji
Wrz 29, 2018
Stakes are high as the chefs' dream ingredients become a reality and they must whip up sweet treats for 40 hungry diners, including the cupcake queen herself.
Field Day!
Data emisji
Paź 06, 2018
The chefs try to knock it out of the park through a series of physical and foodie challenges in the second "Top Chef Junior" Field Day.
Easy as Pie
Data emisji
Paź 13, 2018
The chefs get closer than ever when they're faced with the dreaded double apron and must create gourmet dishes with minimal food waste in a suspenseful double elimination.
Restaurant Wars
Data emisji
Paź 20, 2018
This week, with only 24 hours on the clock, the Chefs split into teams to develop competing restaurant concepts and serve a room full of diners in this highly anticipated Top Chef challenge.
Thriller Bite
Data emisji
Paź 27, 2018
The chefs must spin 5-star dishes from a rotating conveyor belt and get a spooky surprise when zombies visit the Top Chef Jr. kitchen for some gruesome steak dishes.
Food Truck Battle
Data emisji
Lis 03, 2018
Fan-favorites, Fuller Goldsmith and the Food Truck challenge make a return, giving the chefs a chance to design and run their very own food truck in Hollywood Hills!
Wild Cuisine
Data emisji
Lis 10, 2018
The chefs meet Jeff Corwin and other "wild" guests from around the globe... but the question on everyone's mind is: what's in that giant box?
Harry Potter Feast
Data emisji
Lis 17, 2018
Can our culinary wizards chef up a fantastic feast fit for the Wizarding World?Watch this week's Harry Potter inspired episode, featuring Gail Simmons and guest judge Tim Love.
Food Fight!
Data emisji
Lis 24, 2018
Pitted against each other in the toughest culinary battle yet, the final four chefs must climb into the ring and roll with the punches in a round-for-round prizefight focused on the hottest peppers in the world.
Big Catch
Data emisji
Lis 25, 2018
The final three chefs must solve the clues and break out of an escape room before hitting the high seas to catch their own fish for the first ever Top Chef Junior Rod & Reel Festival!
Finale: Meal Of a Lifetime
Data emisji
Gru 01, 2018
The stakes have never been higher as the final two chefs dream up the meal of a lifetime with only one thing separating them from the title of Top Chef Junior: each other!

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