Shows that are pure shite.

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  • Ocena: 6.5

    Hollyoaks - 1995

    A soap opera targeted toward the younger set, "Hollyoaks" focuses on a group of students at a local college and their families, all of whom live in or around the nearby borough of Hollyoaks in Chester. The award-winning programme tackles such issues as rape, murder, substance abuse, psychological well being, and infidelity.
    The mindnumbingly banal goings on of narcissistic chavs. - przez privatewiddle
  • Ocena: 7.5

    EastEnders - 1985

    The everyday lives of working-class inhabitants of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.
    Endlessly depressing. Middle class actors pretend to be working class while they explore 'issues'. - przez privatewiddle
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    FOX and Friends -

    Like watching North Korean TV but without the authenticty and with less gravitas. - przez privatewiddle
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    Hannity - 2008

    Sean Hannity interviews guests and provides his own commentary on a number of issues. One of the most famous segments of the show is "The Great Great Great American Panel," which features Hannity and three guests with differing political views. They have a panel type discussion regarding the top news that day.
    Chubby blowhard Hannity mouths off. - przez privatewiddle
  • Ocena: 8.4

    Coronation Street - 0005

    Follows the lives of the residents of the fictional Coronation Street, located in Greater Manchester, which is made up mainly of working-class people.
    Like Eastenders but with annoying northern accents. - przez privatewiddle