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  • Ocena: 8.5

    Lasermannen - 2005

    The story of "Lasermannen" (The Laser Man) is one that everyone in Sweden knows. He was the madman that used a rifle with a laser sight, as well as a revolver, to shoot several immigrants in Sweden in the early 1990's. He wounded several and killed one. After a long search he was finally apprehended and is still serving his life sentence in prison. This three-part series show his life from younger years up to the point of the murders and his subsequent capture.
    Magnificent through and though - przez Emelee
  • Beautiful and exciting - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 8.9

    Svensson, Svensson - 1994

    Svensson, Svensson is one of the most successful sitcoms in Swedish television history. During the second season, each episode gathered more than 2,5 million viewers, in a country which at the time had a population of around 8,8 million people. The most watched episode was broadcast on November 17, 1996 and gathered 3,395,000 viewers. [1] The series centres around the Svensson family who lives in the Vivalla area of Örebro. The family consists of the father Gustav (Allan Svensson) who works as mailman, the mother Lena (Suzanne Reuter) who works at a bank, their teenage daughter Lina (Chelsie Bell Dickson) and their son Max (Gabriel Odenhammar).
    Hilarious family comedy - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 9.8

    C/o Segemyhr - 1998

    Four people living together in an apartment can give rise to a lot of funny situations, especially if they are as different as these four: Fredrik is the nominal apartment owner, a bit superior to the others, currently "between two jobs". His girlfriend Cilla would prefer that they lived there alone, without Fredrik's crude brother Jan-Olof or the young cab driver Anton.
    Works just as good 20 years later - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 9.8

    Sunes jul - 1991

    Sune, a 12 year old struggles with girl troubles and school while he and his goofy family prepares for Christmas with failed attempts of all the usual December traditions.
    No series sets the tone for Christmas better - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 6.0

    Life on Seacrow Island - 1964

    The Melkersson family decides to leave the city for the summer to rent a house in the Stockholm archipelago. They come to enjoy the simple life there and all adventures that come their way together with resident family, the Grankvists.
    Astrid Lindgren at her best - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 9.3

    The Sunny Side - 2010

    Alex and his girlfriend Anna is awaiting their first child and is just about to move in to Alex old childhood house in Saltsjöbaden but it won't take long 'til they get problems with Alex mom that apparently have thoughts of moving in together with them.
    Especially the first few seasons were brilliant - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 10.0

    NileCity 105.6 - 1995

    Percy Nilegård has gotten in to the commercial radio business. The radio station rents premises of the fire station and its chief, the self willed Greger who's in charge of six well built firemen. One of them gets a presentation first in every episode, when we get into their special and relaxed relationship to each other. Percy is always after money and his ways to entice sponsors get more and more unconventional. We also follow the main radio host Glenn Killing with various (and often peculiar) guests. And also other shows like a reggae program, a Friday party program, teenage psychologist (and stereo fetishist) Farbror Barbro and Percy's own "Management Profile".
    Groundbreaking - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 10.0

    Ebba och Didrik - 1990

    This Swedish TV-series gem is a writing, directing and acting triumph all the way. It's the warm, compassionate and laugh-out-loud funny tale of a young brother and sister growing up in a small town in the south of contemporary Sweden. The main focus is on Ebba and Didrik's tentative ventures into love- their (puppy) love stories and crushes are hilarious, heartbreaking and... so endearing - but it also revolves on the Reng family and their tragicomic domestic clashes and relationships. Arnell and Widerberg are simply human wonders in the title roles- rarely have such effortless performances by young actors swept me away as seen here. The breathtaking coastal location, beautifully photographed, adds a lot to the fresh, beguiling spirit of the whole series, which also presents wonderful side characters. Simply as 'swede' as can be!
    Children growing up and having real problems - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 8.0

    Rederiet - 1992

    The story is about a shipping company which conducts cruiseferry traffic on the Baltic Sea between Stockholm in Sweden and Turku in Finland. It takes place on board MS Freja, the exterior of which was portrayed in the series by the Finnish registered MS Birka Princess. In the series the ship has different funnel colours from the ones in real life; in reality they were blue, yellow and red but in the series they were retouched to appear as different shades of blue. The show follows life on board the ship, mostly focusing on the crew and captain, but also on some of the passengers. The plot often involves love, breakups, accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, arson, rape, drugs, and insanity. Another part of the story takes place on land, following the life of the Dahléns, the capitalist family who owns and runs the shipping company. There are also rival capitalists who try to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for power.
    For a soap opera, this series had a very impressive cast - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 0.0

    The People of Hemsö - 1966

    Based on the famous novel by August Strindberg.
    A pure classic - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 0.0

    Raskens - 1976

    An historical depiction of the joys and hardships of life in southern Sweden during the late 19th century, seen from the perspective of a soldier and his family.
    Another classic - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 7.0

    The Restaurant (2017) - 2017

    Big changes come to a family restaurant in Stockholm after World War II as traditions fade, class divides simmer and a new generation rises up.
    Sweden's Downton Abbey - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 7.0

    Bonus Family - 2017

    A new couple, their exes and their children navigate the emotional challenges and tricky logistics of blended family life in this Swedish dramedy.
    Modern tale of his, hers and theirs - przez Emelee
  • Ocena: 8.3

    Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves - 2012

    It's the 80's and the most courageous gays have begun to rise for a life of freedom. Rasmus fleeing bigotry in Koppom and moving to Stockholm where he meets Benjamin and falls in love. A time of happiness begins while young men begin to meager and slowly fade away and die. AIDS has hit Stockholm.
    Series version of novel with same title - przez Emelee