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Game of Thrones Episode Lengths for Season 8 Revealed!

Published: Luglio 04, 2017

The first ever inaugural Game of Thrones convention, cleverly titled Con of Thrones wrapped up in Nashville TN in the US. Not much was revealed for the upcoming season, however, some interesting panels such as "Ghosts of Westeros" featuring characters that have died during the series run.

The most interesting hint given was told to the attendees from the audio department. Season 8 episode lengths could be all 80+ minutes long. It is confirmed that the season finale of Season 7 will clock in at just over 80 minutes. Expect more information to come from San Diego Comic Con happening later this month!

This kind of episode length is not uncommon, the BBC does this with Sherlock and it has worked for the most part.

If in fact that season 8 will all be clocking in at 80 minutes or so, this may be very good news as the worst thing that can happen to the show is rush the ending.

Season 7 premieres July 16th

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