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Marvel's Cloak and Dagger Coming Soon!

Published: Avril 20, 2017

Marvel Studios has been extra generous to their fans this week as it opened up their doors to showcase some of their upcoming projects in the film MCU for the world to see. Soon after, the world was greeted with the world premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 and also the track listing, which is fantastic!


Marvel's Cloak and Dagger has been announced for quite some time and today, we get our first look in the trailer below!

Little is known about the show right now, but we can be sure that a small universe is brewing as Marvel's New Warriors is another teen superhero show set to premiere and leading the way is the all mighty Squirrel Girl!

Cloak and Dagger will premiere on Freeform in 2018! Are you guys excited for a new crop of heroes heading into the future?