What is a Memorable TV Opening Sequence

Published: January 23, 2017

A few nights ago, out of simple pure boredom, I began to go down the very deep youtube rabbit hole, looking for television title sequences after being shown another Simpsons couch gag. This got me thinking about past TV show intros and what made some of them very memoriable.

Title sequences, with the right composed music can usually set the tone for a series itself. This allows the viewers to know if a series has begun in the background or give our minds some sort of mental cue that a show is about to start.

An example? The Simpsons. Just the first 2 seconds of the opening theme will probably strike something to anyone passing by that what they heard is the Simpsons theme. Of course, the show's opening sequence visually is also one of the most unique in TV history with all the different couch gags!

Visually, Mad Men and Game of Thrones has one of the best title sequences that I've seen. With Mad Men, the show draws influence from Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest(1959).

With Game of Thrones, we see the animation of each city, town or village appear as the series progresses. Anything from King's Landing to Mareen.

Here at Episode Calendar, we want to know what your favorite television opening sequences are! Help us put together a list of Episode Calendar user's most favorite TV opening sequence! Sound off in the comments below.