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Spiderman on TV, A Live Action Look

Published: June 29, 2017

The friendly neighborhood Spiderman is arguably one of the most beloved Superheroes to date. Much of it has been the constant adaption from comics to tv or the cinema. Episode Calendar is going to look back at the live action Spiderman series that have aired in the past leading up to the web crawler's big film premiere within the MCU.

Spiderman: The Electric Company 1974

This is Spiderman's first notable appearance on television. Though it isn't his full debut with his own show, this childrens educational show did manage to feature the friendly neighborhood spider! Don't blink, because the attached clip also features a very young Morgan Freeman!

Spiderman 1977-1979

This CBS live action of Spiderman was enjoyed by many, one of the few live adaptations of super heroes on television, this boom saw The Hulk tv series, features cameos from Thor, as well as the very horrible Captain America film and.. Dr. Strange. All made for TV films. none had the history or longevity as Spiderman did though. This was a much older Peter Parker.

Interesting note, Stan Lee hates this version of Spiderman.

Here are some clips of this Spiderman, classic 70s TV theme music included

Interesting tidbit, the MCU claims Spiderman: Homecoming is the first time viewers will see Spiderman outside of New York, but that is not true! Here's Spiderman in Hong Kong!

SPIDERMAN(1978) Japanese Edition

Super Sentai is a genre of Japanese television. To translate, this is what western audiences know to be The Power Rangers. Spiderman was once a transforming super hero with his own robot and flying jet. Enjoy the few clips we have included!

Needless to say, all these adaptations were less than stellar. Looking back now, it did provide me with some laughs while writing about this. Of course, the animated history of Spiderman is much more compelling as it features both Peter Parker as well as Miles Morales as Spiderman.

What are your thoughts on these adaptations? Let us know in the comments below!