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Rostered On Review

Published: April 27, 2017

Recently, I've been seeing clips of what looks to be a Best Buy employee interacting with a customer over refunding of a camera. Customer makes a ridiculous claim how the camera takes bad pictures and the sales staff says she's doing it wrong. Having worked at a Best Buy in my early days, I can pretty much say that this sort of thing happens on a weekly basis involving all sorts of weird claims for product refunds.

This is a show called Rostered On. An independent Australian sitcom airing on Youtube every Tuesdays. Rostered on follows around the staff of Electroworld on their daily operations. Most the show features scenes of day to day interactions with customers that cuts back and forth to a singular situation or event for the rest of the episode.

Most of the branding of ElectroWorld really resembles Best Buy. From the blue and yellow color scheme to the blue shirts employees wear. Everything from the head of store security to extended warranties just scream Best Buy. Although I cannot speak that the events haven't happened before, but they clearly look like experiences that are drawn from somewhere.

I highly recommend our users to check it out. I've linked the show's first epsisode in this post. You can follow the show on Episode Calendar by following the link HERE