Blog 2017 04 05 hulu new live streaming service banner

Hulu's new Live Streaming Service

Published: May 04, 2017

There is a shift in television and cable recently. More people are cutting cable from their utilities and replacing them with streaming services such as Netflix and AmazonPrime.

Hulu today announced it is entering the live televsion streaming space with Hulu Live. Offering 50 channels for live streaming, their own on demand service as well as 50hours of cloud based DVR service all for $40 USD.

Hulu has secured the rights to air NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC and all their local affiliate stations. This along with selections such as FOX NEWS, CNN, VICELAND, USA, FX and some others give this a much stronger line up than YouTubeTV.

What do you users think of the online streaming TV? Do you want to see this service available in your region? let us know in the comments below