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Bryan Singer to Direct X-Men TV Series

Published: January 26, 2017

FOX has officially ordered the X-Men live action TV series. News of this would allow Fox to kick off their own X-Men shared universe with their other Marvel property, Legion.

Following the announcement, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Bryan Singer is set to direct the pilot episode for the series. Bryan Singer is no stranger to the X-Men franchise. Singer directed the first two movies for 20th Century FOX and then returned to direct the sequal for the X-Men Reboot with Days of Future Past.

There is not much news on how the show will relate to the X-Men universe that FOX has developed or how it will tie in with the recent movies.

It would be interesting to see how FOX and all the producers and writers steer the X-Men shared universe. The CW has certainly done a wonderful job with the DC Shared Universe(The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow)

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