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2017 Winter TV Picks!

Published: September 18, 2017

The 2017 TV Season is coming soon! Episode Calendar has you covered for up and coming winter season. With this list, we will not include returning shows such as The Big Bang Theory, or The Flash. Instead, we are going to turn our attention to new shows premiering.

This is the EC selection of shows we think will stand out amongst the many premiering this Winter!

The Gifted (FOX, October 2, 2017)

FOX has been golden with their Marvel properties on television. The Gifted is part of the X-Men universe and borrows storylines from the X-Factor series of comics. A father who is working for the district attorny discovers his children has mutant powers and works to protect them. We will also see a group of mutants banding together to form an underground community for mutants.

If you are a fan of X-Men, than this is a no brainer.

The Orville (Fox, September 10th, 2017)

The Orville premiered it's two episodes already. It most definitely borrows many elements from the Star Trek community. By all means, this takes shots at Star Trek while the usual Seth McFarlane style of comedy remains. Seth himself is the star here. The series has already premiered and has receieved warm reviews

The Duece (HBO, September 10th, 2017)

The Duece certainly has a big cast, from Maggie Gyllenhal to James Franco. This 1970's series focuses on a stretch of a New York City. 42nd street to be exact, also named The Duece. Sex, Drugs, Escorts, the seedy undergrounds will surely bring a lot of drama to the fold.

Coming from showrunners that created the wire, this could be a potentially awesome series, especilaly the big cast!

Star Trek Discovery (CBS, September 24th, 2017)

It's a new Star Trek series, thats more than enough to get fans of this genre excited.

Young Sheldon (CBS, September 25th, 2017)

I'm excited and highly curious how CBS pulls off the Big Bang Theory spinoff show. Focusing on a younger Sheldon, this could either be a disaster or an absolute genius move. Sheldon is one of the more popular characters on television today, so capitalizing on the success of Sheldon Cooper could pay off. Give this a chance!

Marvel's The Inhumans (ABC, September 29th, 2017)

The show got off to a very rocky debut. From the official press pictures to the complete disaster of making a debut in IMAX. Critics and fans gave this show a very low review after seeing the first two episodes. Cheesy effects, bad writing and bad character decisions are all to blame for the disaster. Why is this here? mainly because if you have invested yourself into Agents of SHIELD, then this is essentially a continuation of that story.

Ghosted (Fox, October 1st, 2017)

A comedy based on paranormal activity. This FOX comedy stars Craig Robinson and Adam Scott. A non believer of paranormal activity is paired up with a believer by a discreet organisation to investigate sightings and events. Could be a funny one here!

Be sure to check out the list feature!

Lot's of great television coming up! What are you looking forward to watching?