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2017 Superbowl Ads To Look Out For!

Published: February 03, 2017

Superbowl weekend is here. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are going to try for another superbowl. A win here means Tom Brady wins his 5th Superbowl ring. (as a Seahawks fan, Tom Brady should only have 3 rings, but this isn't what it's about.)

American football may not be for everyone, but at least the commercials are something people can look forward to.

With the internet and how people consume media, advertisers have begun to leak their own ads online as the spectacle of the ads are something themselves. Here are some that have been released so far


Recent travel ban in the US has people up in arms leading to massive protests. So Budweiser tells the story of how they started as immigrants to the USA, coming over from Germany before landing in St.Louis

Jason Statham and Gal Gadot stars in the website building company's superbowl advert. Quite the bar fight we have here.


Intel has turned to Tom Brady to promote their 360 replays that will be featured during the game itself. I guess there's never a thing called too much Tom Brady?


Smelly bathrooms suck. Will let the ad do the talking


Watch Mr.Clean seduce a woman, that is all


Snickers will be doing a live advertisement on air featuring Adam Driver of Girls (HBO) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a horse. Definitely a risk move, but could pay off big time to be very entertaining. Here's a preview.


Melissa McCarthy stars in Kia's Hybrid car commericial. The music is just perfect with Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero.


No stranger to the Superbowl ads and Danica Patrick, GoDaddy is back, this time with internet memes

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes went and got the Coen Brothers to direct their big game spot featuring the AMG-GT Roadster. Great music, great story, and overall cool as hell!


The US phone provider has hired Justin Bieber as their own "celebration expert" Also featured is Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens.

Let us know which ones are your favorites!