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Naruto is ending after 15 years

Published: Marts 23, 2017

Tonight is a pretty special event. Naruto Shippuden will be coming to an end. 15 years is a long time for a weekly television show to be on air and not many shows can really say that which is a feat of its own.

Naruto began it's run in 2002, then was retitled Naruto Shippuden after we see Naruto grow up a little bit. The actual manga ended in 2014, but due to TV fillers and some breaks, the show is ending 3 years later.

This isn't the end of Naruto, as Boruto: The Naruto Generations will begin airing April 5th.

Tonights episode will simul-cast on crunchyroll in select regions.

For fans of the show, what has been your favorite moment if any?