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Top Gear Series 24: Make Car Shows Great Again

Published: März 07, 2017

Top Gear Series 24 returned to television with a bang. It reminded the world what a car show is suppose to be. The Grand Tour on Amazon with Clarkson, May and Hammond was good, but not great. It featured cars, but at times did not feel like it was a car show

I'm not going to lie, I did not enjoy Chris Evans one bit last year. No amazing BBC Cinematography could compensate for the disaster from that filthy yellow shirt to the constant yelling at the camera. It was too forced, too un-natural and overall did not feel like Top Gear.

This season, the presenting trio of Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid is a very refreshing change. The contrast between the usually calm and laid back attitude of Matt, with the enthusiasm of Chris and Rory really works. Although the at times, the in studio segments felt a bit "over scripted", the trio eventually found their groove nearing the end of the show.

The chemistry between the three really shined in the two part Khazakstan road trip that featured high milage vehicles as the team raced to the Cosmodrome. The back and forth banter and the real sense of competiton was refreshing to see and really brings back what Top Gear is suppose to be. A fun, car show.

Chris Harris review of the FXXK was excellent. A great car to show case on the return of the show. Harris is a motoring journalist and an actual racer. His knowledge brings a refreshing tone to car reviews and thus reminds us of why Top Gear is and will continue to be the world's no. 1 car show.

Making it's triumphant return is the Celebrity In A Reasonably Priced Car featuring a legitimate race car that is fun for everyone. The Toyota GT86 is an excellent choice and is a vehicle that will challenge the guests that will appear on the show. In my opinion, the rally inspired segment from last season was a big dud.

Overall, Top Gear series 24 started off great. It really reminds us why Top Gear is the best and this is proof that you cannot replicate the past, but you must evolve a show to move forward. Here's hoping the remainder will keep up this quality and even excel from it as the revival of Top Gear is in full speed!

What did you guys think of Series 24? Let us know in the comments below.