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Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

Published: April 19, 2017

Arguably one of the world's favorite TV families, the Simpsons celebrates 30 years being on air. The yellow inhabitants of 742 Evergreen Terrance has gone through many adventures with Homer travelling to space to the family having to travel to Australia so Bart can be given a kick to his booty just because of a lousy prank call. Who else can forget the wonderful Treehouse of Horror specials or the countless references or jokes about past cultural references to predicting events such as Donald Trump becoming President. Its hard to believe that the show has been on the air for thirty years now!

Picking out even 5 episodes of the Simpsons has been a very difficult task, arguably one of the more subjective lists a writer can produce as there are hundreds of episodes to choose from. Most of the list comes from the golden age of the show from the first 10 years. And so, lets begin!

"Itchy and Scratchy Land" Season 6

The Simpsons take on a newly opened Itchy and Scratchy Land! The family visits the theme park after Bart and Lisa see an advertisement on television. In typical Simpsons fashion, every one gets in trouble and ends up in park security. The humanoid robots turn against park visitors and the Simpsons saves the day!

One of the best charms from this episode is the parady on Disneyland, EuroDisney(which was failing at the time) and the hints of Jurassic Park. We also see one of the best gags with the. BORT licenese plates!

"Homer's Enemy" Season 8

Mr.Burns sees a TV segment about Frank Grimes and is quickly moved by the struggle of Grimes. He hires Frank Grimes to be VP of the Power Plant. A day later, he see's a different story about a dog and appoints the dog as VP instead, demoting Grimes to Sector 7G to work with Homer, Lenny and Carl. There, he is baffled by the irresponsibilty of Homer and seems to target him only. Homer, wanting to be-friend Grimes, invites him over to dinner. Frank Grimes is shocked to see such a beautiful family come from an irresponsible person in Homer that he storms out of the house in anger. Following this, the power plant holds a model contest to recreate the plant for children. Frank Grimes modifys the poster and tricks Homer to entering. After Homer wins by reconstructing the Power Plant, Grimes loses his cool and does some stupid things until he places his hand in a machine labled "EXTREMEMLY HIGH VOLTAGE" and dies.

The legacy here is that Grimes has been mentioned many times during the Simpsons. Even going as far as having Frank's son come to Springfield to try to kill Homer. A bit of controversy surrounds this episode as many thought it was too dark.

"Stark Raving Dad" Season 3

This is the Michael Jackson episode. The lure behind this early on was did Michael Jackson really guest star and sing in the episode? Michael Jackson was credited as John Jay Smith voicing a character called Leon Kompowski. Singing the Happy Birthday Lisa tune was actually someone by the name of Kipp Lennon. The king of pop was not contractually allowed to sing on the track and thus was given to someone else.

Aside from the starpower in this episode, we also saw a very emotional and excellent communication between Bart and Lisa.

"Kamp Krusty" Season 4

I enjoyed Kamp Krusty. Basically, this was the Simpsons take on "Lord of the Flies" Kamp Krusty, another licenesed Krusty the Klown product. Of course, nothing at this camp is as it turns out to be and the kids are basically tricked in to believing that one day, Krusty will show. Of course, an imitation Krusty who turns out to be Barney pushes the kids to the brink and Bart leads a revolt declaring Kamp Krusty as Camp Bart. Krusty learns of this and takes the kids to Tijuana.

The best part of this was that James L Brooks, one of the producers wanted to turn this into a movie, however, the episode was barely able to cover 21 minutes of television, let alone an 80minute film, thus the song Kamp Krusty had to be extended.

"Marge vs the Monorail" Season 4

Conan O'Brien wrote this episode, as he was one of the writers early on his career. The clever and very gag heavy episode had one of the best songs written for the show as well as many references to pop culture ie. Mr.Burns tied up like Hannibal Lecter.

The clever jokes, the very excellent cameo from Leonard Nimoy worked well. The late Phil Hartman voiced the conman Lyle Lanely. This episode is continually on the top of lists of the greatest simpsons episodes of all time.

The story here begins with Mr.Burns being fined 3million dollars by the Environmental Protection Agency. After being awarded with 3 million, the town decides to hold a meeting to determine what to do with the money. A man by the name of Lyle Lanley sells teh idea of a Monorail system in Springfield. The town likes the idea and it is decided that a monorail will be built.

Marge, who is totally against this idea investigates and finds out that Lyle is a fraud. Homer is the first conductor for the service and saves the town from disaster by using the M from the logo as an anchor to stop the train.


A very difficult list to put together, but one that had to be done in honor of Springfield. I'm sure there are many people that will disagree with the list... and yes, I did have trouble with some, ie, the Stonecutters episode, but this is the final list for myself.

What are you favorite Simpsons episodes? Let us know in the comments!