Give a Friend a Premium Subscription

Published: Januar 12, 2017

Starting today, you can now give the gift of a premium subscription to friends and family. All your friends and family can enjoy the same great benefits of having the ability to have more shows to follow, the ability to earn acheivements from watching and checking off favorites and of course, enjoy Episode Calendar completely ad free!

Just like a personal premium subscription, it will cost €12 a year.

To send a friend or family member a gift subscription, make sure you have your friend added to your friends list, then simply click on the "premium" link on the side panel and then select the one year option. There will now be a drop down selection to send a gift subscription! screen shot 2017-01-03 at 13.42.23

Please note that by purchasing the gift subscription, the user purchasing the gift will be responsible for the subscription. If you wish to only purchase one year. You will need to cancel the automatic renewal via PayPal.