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Game of Thrones Episode 4 Spoils of War Predictions

Published: August 01, 2017

Episode 3 has come and gone, the best episode yet so far in season 7. Jon and Dany finally meet and the Lannisters are mean mean people.

Here's what we think will happen judging from the episode 4 trailer

With all the events taking place, lets focus on the end of the episode and how it leads to the next. The title for episode 4 is Spoiles of War, meaning the outcome or loot of whatever is left. This can only mean the riches of Highgarden will be transported to King's Landing because as we saw, the IronBank wants to be paid!

We believe that Dany and crew may attack something next episode seeing how we see a Dragon flying and Dany saying she must do something. That something could be to attack the retreating army returning to Kings Landing.

So here I am, expecting another epic battle scene next week.

We see a shot of Arya on horseback, presumely looking over Winterfell, so she returns home.

Moving forward, I am most excited to see the Stark children reunion at Winterfell. Arya and Sansa didn't end on good terms the last time they saw each other, but will some time apart mend the fences? Bran, creepy Bran to bring up Sansa's rape was odd, but this is who he is now.

What are you guys most excited about?