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Episode Calendar is Looking for Translators

Published: April 13, 2017

To Our Valued Users!

Episode Calendar continues to grow on a daily basis and we believe that adding new features such as lists is one way for you, the users to be more engaged with the website. We hope that you guys are enjoying the new feature we always enjoy reading comments and feedback from all of you.

At this time, Episode Calendar is in the process of translating the website into 10 languages, with more to come. Right now, this is roughly 80% done. Episode Calendar is looking for translators for the following languages.
















We will be using a service called Weblate, which will help us better assist in translating the website to the desired languages.

Weblate will allow you, the user to translate specific things we need help with and in return, we will be granting 1 year premium access to the website subject to conditions based on the number of Strings(translations) done over a 90 day period.

We will be looking for moderators to help us with the languages and any future languages later on as well. This will come later on as we begin to see some translations on the site.

Simply head over to and register. After confirming the account, select the langauges you are familiar with!


Once done, hit "DASHBOARD" at the top of the page, then press "Managed Watched Projects" and select Episode Calendar.


You will see a "watched projects" option at the top of the page now, select Episode Calendar from that and you will be presented with languages and queries to translate. Under the "strings needing action" section highlighted in red, make the appropriate suggestion and our administrators will do our best to approve the translations. Also, translations with more than 3 votes are automatically approved as well.

If there are any issues or questions with translations, please reach out to us under our support page and use the translation filter to contact us. Please include your user name on Weblate so we can refer to the issue or question!

With the above instructions, we hope that the community can band together and help us translate Episode Calendar into even more languages!

EDIT: Detailed instructions for translations can now be found HERE