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Silicon Valley Company Bios

Published: Maio 08, 2017

Silicon Valley are one of the favorites here amongst the EC team. Certain changes happen within the show and in order to keep it "real", company websites for Hooli and PiedPiper exists.

SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven't watched the latest episode from Season 4 Episode 4


Hooli and now leads us to the company website, with news that "Action" Jack Barker is now the new CEO at Hooli after Gavin Belson's major mistake. Full press release and a letter from Jack is also present. Also note that the full Endframe Data Box that Jack proposed in Season 3 is now a "reality"

Pied Piper

Pied Piper has literally come and gone, though not much has been updated, the last thing we saw was a post presumably from Jared to find Richard and the updated status on who the new CEO is. The site also contains some of their history and what their compression algorithm can do


Raviga's site simply shows off their portfolio, including the newly acquired "See Food" app and amongst many other companies that is under the Raviga Venture Captial Firm. There's also a small tidbit about Peter Gregory at the bottom of the page!

Code Rag

Silicon Valley's tech new site ran by CJ Cantwell. The latest article sums up the current actions of Gavin Belson! Quite an interesting site.

Have a click around and tell us what you guys thing of these extra details to accompany the show!

If you haven't seen the awesome 3D rending of Aviato House, check out this link here!