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Riverdale: Archie is Back!

Published: Março 22, 2017

The CW(North America) and Netflix(select regions) premiered Riverdale back in January and I finally made some time to sit down and enjoy the series.

Riverdale is a murder/mystery teen drama featuring the characters from the Archie comics. This combination is not neccessary for a murder mystery teen drama, but bringing back some classic characters makes the show a tad bit more appealing.

Most murder mystery shows needs a strong case to center the show around and Riverdale does this very well. Jason Blossom, the son of a family mostly hated by the community is thought to be lost in a river accident over the 4th of July weekend. The body was never recovered. As the characters greive over the dead of Jason, we are introduced to each characters origins to set up the plot.

Archie is your regular high school standout looking to play on the school's football team. He is also in a student/teacher relationship with the school's music teacher. Scandalous as it may be, the viewer soon finds out that the two of them were together the night that Jason dissappeared.

Betty is your perfect girl next door with over protective parents. We find out that her mother owns the local paper and has some hatred for the Blossoms. Betty, meanwhile is doing all she can to propose to Archie of her love for him and be the perfect daughter.

Veronica, recently relocated back to Riverdale after her father is caught with embezzelment in New York. Veronica lives with her mother and tries to fit back into the school. Quickly becoming friends with Archie and Betty.

Jughead, which in the comics woudl be Archie's best friend, seems to be distant to Archie on the show. Jughead would also provide the narration for the series. We are introduced to Jughead as a writer attempting to write about the recently deceased Jason Blossom.

The twin of Jason, Cheryl Blossom is a very unlikable character as she is portrayed as the Queen of Riverdale High. Not one moment on screen does she not remind you of her dead brother.

Other characters also make an appearance such as Kevin, Reggie, Moose and Principal Weatherbee all play into the murder of Jason Blossom.

It is at the end of the pilot in which the body of Jason Blossom's bloated body is discovered with a bullet to the head. Thus setting up the premise of Riverdale.

What do you guys think of the show so far?