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Season 1 Disqus
Chapter One
After young lawyer Mitchell McDeere exposed the law firm he worked for was a front for the Chicago mob, he and his family found themselves in the Federal Witness Protection... read more »
Air date January 08, 2012
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Chapter Two
Continuing his defense in the schoolyard killing, Mitch learns of a plot to kill his client, and has Ray pretend to be a hit man to solicit the perpetrator. Meanwhile, mega-firm... read more »
Air date January 08, 2012
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Chapter Three
Mitch must defend the son of a partner in his new firm against a murder charge; as Mitch begins working on the Sarah Holt case, he starts to understand why Kinross & Clark... read more »
Air date January 12, 2012
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Chapter Four
Mitch takes the case of a female psychiatrist accused of murdering an ex-patient that had been stalking her. All the while, Mitch also struggles with an eerie feeling that he is... read more »
Air date January 19, 2012
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Chapter Five
Mitch is given the difficult task of defending Judd Grafton, a gambler wrongly accused of murder. With Judd continuing to claim his innocence and willing to take the risk of a... read more »
Air date January 26, 2012
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Chapter Six
Mitch discovers ulterior motives when a judge offers leniency for his client; Claire tries to convince her parents she needs a cell phone; Tammy and Ray continue working on the... read more »
Air date February 02, 2012
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Chapter Seven
Mitch's defense of a new client, Nate Murphy, is complicated when the young man's brother is named as a co-defendant. Running out of time, Mitch must convince Nate to go against... read more »
Air date February 18, 2012
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Chapter Eight
After being cleared as a suspect in the death of Martin Moxon, Mitch is released from jail and immediately finds himself thrown into a new case against a large pharmaceutical... read more »
Air date February 25, 2012
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Chapter Nine
Mitch and Ray probe the death of a sergeant's son and the case becomes a national security matter; Tammy lands a new job to break new ground in the Sarah Holt case.
Air date March 03, 2012
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Chapter Ten
Mitch defends a woman accused of kidnapping a baby; Abby suspects that a student is being abused; Ray and Tammy find information concerning the Sarah Holt case; Joey Morolto... read more »
Air date March 10, 2012
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Chapter Eleven
Mitch represents a death-row inmate who wants to help the family he wronged in an unusual way; Tammy inherits a house from a deceased aunt, which causes tension with Ray;... read more »
Air date March 24, 2012
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Chapter Twelve
Sarah Holt finally tells Mitch the truth about her case; Mitch makes an mistake that could land a client in jail for life; Tammy asks a hacker to search for clues on Sarah's... read more »
Air date March 31, 2012
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Chapter Thirteen
Abby and Claire are under Coleman's protection, but Mitch, Ray, and Tammy, who abandoned their evidence against Nobel when they ran from the house, steer clear of the FBI and... read more »
Air date April 14, 2012
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Chapter Fourteen
Mitch makes a deal with Kevin Stack to keep Abby safe; the FBI arrests Mitch and Ray; Abby tries to manipulate her captors in a bid to escape.
Air date April 21, 2012
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Chapter Fifteen
Mitch and Ray make risky decisions in their bid to expose Kevin Stack and the Noble Insurance conspiracy. Meanwhile, Abby finds herself at the center of things as Stack and Alex... read more »
Air date April 28, 2012
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Chapter Sixteen
Abby takes the stand in the government's case against Kevin Stack while Mitch tries to learn the details of Stack's master plan.
Air date May 12, 2012
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Chapter Seventeen
Mitch defends a young woman charged with solicitation and learns that she is harboring a dangerous secret. Elsewhere, Abby and Claire embark on a trip to Kentucky to visit... read more »
Air date May 26, 2012
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Chapter Eighteen
When Mitch defends a renowned novelist accused of murder, his client's famously unstable nature threatens to destroy the case. Back in her hometown, Abby forms a bond with Dr.... read more »
Air date May 26, 2012
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Chapter Nineteen
Joey Morolto asks Mitch to defend his best friend on a murder charge and in return Joey won't kill Mitch and his family.
Air date June 23, 2012
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Chapter Twenty
An incident from a client's college days becomes problematic for Mitch; Abby must decide if she can work for Joey Morolto Jr.
Air date June 30, 2012
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Chapter Twenty-One
Jury selection begins in the Patrick Walker case, and Joey Morolto Jr. tries a deadly scheme in a bid to regain control of his mob family.
Air date July 07, 2012
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1x22 Show finale
Chapter Twenty-Two
On the day of Ray and Tammy's wedding, a new enemy threatens to destroy the joyous family occasion. As Patrick Walker's trial begins, Mitch makes a startling discovery that the... read more »
Air date July 14, 2012
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