The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Score 8.8
  • Premiered: May 03
  • Episodes: 127
  • Followers: 119
  • Rank #1473
  • Running
  • Cartoon Network
  • Monday at 7


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Season 4 Disqus
The Nemesis
Gumball and Darwin discover that Rob, who once swore to wreak vengeance on them, has been trying to destroy them for some time… but his traps never work.
Air date July 10, 2015
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The Egg
When Nicole arranges a playdate for Anais with a classy family, the Wattersons try desperately to impress them.
Air date August 06, 2015
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The Crew
When Gumball and Darwin decide to join a crew, they are determined to prove their worth to senior citizens.
Air date August 13, 2015
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The Others
After learning what grade Anais is in, Gumball and Darwin learn that there is a whole new world of students.
Air date August 20, 2015
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The Signature
When Richard learns of Granny Jojo's plans to marry, he sets out to adopt Louie so he can forbid the wedding.
Air date August 27, 2015
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The Check
The kids get a check from Grandpa Louie and argue about how to spend the money.
Air date August 31, 2015
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The Pest
Gumball and Darwin help Anais deal with a classmate who is bothering her.
Air date September 01, 2015
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The Sale
Gumball and Darwin are devastated to learn that Mr. Robinson is selling his house and living town.
Air date September 02, 2015
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The Gift
After the receive an extravagant invite to Masami's birthday party, Gumball and Darwin are anxious to find just the right gift for her.
Air date September 03, 2015
The Parking
The Wattersons struggle to find a space in the mall parking lot.
Air date September 04, 2015

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