Switched at Birth

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  • Premiered: Jun 06
  • Episodes: 93
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  • ABC Family
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Season 4 Disqus
And It Cannot Be Changed
The family and Emmett discover Bay's impulsive decision to take the blame for Daphne, and no one is happy about it. Meanwhile, Daphne is determined to prove herself worthy of... read more »
Air date January 06, 2015
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Bracing The Waves
Daphne struggles with the speed and depth of her coursework, which is made more difficult when her interpreter, Josh, picks and chooses what he will interpret for her. Bay tries... read more »
Air date January 13, 2015
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I Lock The Door Upon Myself
Bay gets an interview for a long-awaited submission with the Kansas City Artist Showcase to have her art be part of a public display but realizes her current status may prevent... read more »
Air date January 20, 2015
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We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us
Bay feels pressured to maximize her short time with Emmett when he comes for a surprise visit. Daphne is mortified when she does poorly on her midterm exam. Melody and John... read more »
Air date January 27, 2015
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At the First Clear Word
After a night of drinking with her friend Tank, Bay wakes to find that she doesn’t remember all the details of the night. She tries to piece together the events of the evening,... read more »
Air date February 03, 2015
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Black and Gray
Bay's very personal matter goes public when the UMKC administration gets wind of the situation, and an investigation is launched. Now the unwitting participants must face the... read more »
Air date February 10, 2015
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Fog and Storm and Rain
As a severe storm warning forces everyone to hunker down indoors, Kathryn's mom Bonnie comes for a visit, bringing her friend Lucille and delivers some unexpected news to... read more »
Air date February 17, 2015
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Art Like Love Is Dedication
Bay tries to figure out how she can pursue an art career. Regina invites Eric and his son to stay with her temporarily. Mingo asks Daphne to hang out. Meanwhile, Kathryn offers... read more »
Air date February 24, 2015
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The Player's Choice
Iris urges Daphne to broaden her college experience by rushing a sorority. Bay inserts herself when Travis's popularity as a UMKC baseball player starts to affect his... read more »
Air date March 03, 2015
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There Is My Heart
Intent on making their relationship work, Bay surprises Emmett with a visit to Los Angeles while he’s shooting his first big class project. Daphne is distraught with her... read more »
Air date March 10, 2015
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To Repel Ghosts
Bay is haunted by her breakup with Emmett and struggles to figure out where their relationship fell apart. Daphne's excitement about her new relationship with Mingo is hampered... read more »
Air date August 24, 2015
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How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You
In the wake of her breakup with Emmett, Bay decides to refocus her energy on school and signs up for a Spanish class, only to discover that the new harassment policy has put her... read more »
Air date August 31, 2015
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Between Hope and Fear
Daphne is thrilled when Eric asks Regina to move in with him, but Regina is troubled by how little she knows about the mother of Eric's son, Will, and decides to go to Atlanta... read more »
Air date September 07, 2015
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We Mourn, We Weep, We Love Again
The news about Regina moving out from the guest house is a big discovery on its own, but it’s definitely not the only one. As Kathryn and John discuss the future of their... read more »
Air date September 14, 2015
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Instead of Damning the Darkness, it's Better to Light a Little Lantern
Daphne, Bay and Travis celebrate spring break with a volunteer trip to rural Mexico with Melody to distribute hearing aids to underprivileged locals. However, lines are crossed... read more »
Air date September 21, 2015
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Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows
Daphne and Mingo decide to introduce their parents at the Kennishes’ grill night, only to find Mingo’s father is the business manager John blames for his current financial... read more »
Air date September 28, 2015
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To the Victor Belong the Spoils
With Mingo’s help, Daphne holds a fundraiser to help support a sign-language school in Mexico. Bay is livid when a student starts using her art to sell crude t-shirts. Regina... read more »
Air date October 05, 2015
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The Accommodations of Desire
Bay thinks she’s ready for a new relationship, but others are dubious of how quickly it is moving. Daphne’s correspondence with Quinn starts to affect her relationship with... read more »
Air date October 12, 2015
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A Mad Tea Party
Bay takes over hosting Lily’s baby shower at the Kennish house when Regina is pulled away by an emergency with Will. At the shower, sparks fly between Kathryn and Professor... read more »
Air date October 19, 2015
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And Always Searching for Beauty
Bay is thrilled by the opportunity to showcase her newest work in her first art show. Daphne interviews for an internship abroad that would bring her closer to Quinn, causing... read more »
Air date October 26, 2015
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