Naruto Shippuden

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  • Premiered: Feb 15
  • Episodes: 441
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Season 2 Disqus
The New Target
Teams Kakashi and Guy return home to Konoha. As Kakashi rests in the infirmary, Sakura tells Tsunade about the information Sasori gave her as a reward for defeating him. Sasori... read more »
Air date November 08, 2007
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Formation! New Team Kakashi
Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru attempt to capture and interrogate Sai, but Sai withdraws after insulting Naruto. Shortly afterward, Ino appears. Concerned that the demon fox could... read more »
Air date November 15, 2007
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An Unneeded Addition
Yamato takes temporary leadership of Team Kakashi while Sai insults both Naruto and Sakura. While preparing to set off, Sai receives an envelope from a Root shinobi containing... read more »
Air date November 22, 2007
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Fake Smile
The new team Kakashi heads out for the Heaven and Earth bridge. Sai, Sakura, and Naruto come to blows after just 5 minutes on the same team due to Sai making fun of Sasuke.... read more »
Air date November 29, 2007
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Sakura sees Sai drawing by the river and finds out that Sai has artistic talent but has never given titles to anything he ever drew. Naruto and Sakura begin to realize the... read more »
Air date November 29, 2007
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Naruto is paired with Sai for the Buddy team of two, over his and Sakura's objections, while Sakura is assigned to support Yamato. Yamato conducts a simulation of the spy... read more »
Air date December 06, 2007
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The Bridge of Heaven and Earth
Yamato disguises himself as Sasori after creating a wood replica of Hiruko, and goes to meet the spy. The spy turns out to be Orochimaru's right-hand man, Kabuto Yakushi, who... read more »
Air date December 13, 2007
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The Nine-Tails Unleashed!!
Immediately after Yamato signals Naruto and the others out to the bridge where Orochimaru and Kabuto are waiting, Naruto's chakra begins to boil with the chakra of the... read more »
Air date December 20, 2007
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Top-Secret Mission Starts
Naruto continues to get even more enraged and easily counters Kabuto's attack, flinging him away. Naruto's counter throws Kabuto into Sakura, knocking her unconscious.... read more »
Air date December 20, 2007
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Orochimaru VS Jinchūriki
Naruto, in the four-tailed state, begins attacking Orochimaru with incredible force, devastating the surrounding landscape and preventing Sai and Yamato's wood clone from... read more »
Air date January 10, 2008
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Sakura's Tears
Kabuto comments that Naruto's state is a consequence of his desperation to bring back Sasuke. Sakura begins to cry and approaches Naruto but is injured when his attention turns... read more »
Air date January 17, 2008
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The Truth About the Fight
Yamato uses the first Hokage's chakra to suppress the demon fox's chakra and Naruto returns to normal, but with severe injuries. Sakura begins to heal him, but notes that... read more »
Air date January 24, 2008
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The Consequence of Betrayal
Kabuto creates a fake corpse that resembles Sai, containing hidden traps to slow down Yamato's clone after sensing it. Naruto hasn't completely recovered from using the Demon... read more »
Air date January 31, 2008
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Unfinished Page
Naruto finally makes sense of the destruction he witnessed around him earlier. Yamato tells Naruto not to rely on the demon because Naruto is strong enough to withstand the... read more »
Air date February 07, 2008
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Sneak in! Den of the Poisonous Snake
Sai receives a chilling glare from Sasuke's Sharingan that frightens him. Sai gives Orochimaru a bundle with information about Konoha's ANBU. Yamato gives Sakura and Naruto... read more »
Air date February 14, 2008
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Yamato and the team enter Sai's room and confront him while Kabuto makes his way there as well. Sai tells Team Kakashi that not only was he to help with Konoha's destruction but... read more »
Air date February 28, 2008
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Important Person
Kabuto fights Team Kakashi and frees Sai. However, Sai, who intends to learn more about his bond with his brother through Naruto's bond with Sasuke, betrays him. Captured,... read more »
Air date March 06, 2008
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The Picture Book's Story
As Team Kakashi continues their search for Sasuke, Naruto suddenly collapses due to his previous fight with Orochimaru. As Naruto wakes up, Sai begins to reveal more about his... read more »
Air date March 13, 2008
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As Team Kakashi continues their search for Sasuke, Sai approaches Sasuke's room and awakens him. Shaken by the image of Sasuke's Sharingan from earlier, Sai attempts to restrain... read more »
Air date March 20, 2008
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The Power of Uchiha
Sasuke begins to attack Naruto, but Sai restrains him only for them both to be blown away by Sasuke's Chidori Nagashi. Sakura charges at Sasuke, but Yamato intervenes and winds... read more »
Air date March 20, 2008
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2x21 Season finale
The Leaves Sprout!
Orochimaru and Kabuto convince Sasuke to withdraw with them, and Naruto weeps over his failure to return Sasuke to the village, but Sakura reassures him that they will bring... read more »
Air date April 03, 2008
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