Max Steel (2013)

  • Score 8.0
  • Premiered: Mar 25
  • Episodes: 52
  • Followers: 33
  • Rank #2960
  • Running
  • Nickelodeon
  • Saturday at 10


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Season 1 Disqus
Come Together: Part One
When teenager Max McGrath discovers an awesome power within, he meets new friends and new enemies.
Air date March 25, 2013
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Come Together: Part Two
When a mysterious villain attempts to hunt down Max Steel, Max’s skills are put to the test.
Air date March 26, 2013
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Come Together: Part Three
When Dredd threatens to destroy all of Copper Canyon, it’s up to Max Steel to save the day.
Air date March 27, 2013
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Cleaning House
Dr. Xander seeks revenge when is fired from THI by Max's mom.
Air date April 06, 2013
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Secret Identity Crisis
Max has trouble keeping his secret identity secret when Miles Dredd identifies Copper Canyon High as the epicenter of Max Steel sightings.
Air date April 13, 2013
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C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks!
When Max blows up another of Berto's CYTRO bots, Steel helps to build another when he and Max argue over who is more important in the Max Steel hero. However, Max sees Berto and... read more »
Air date April 20, 2013
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Hard Water
When a string of unusual water anomalies wreak havoc on Copper Canyon, Max Steel goes behind N-Tek's back to investigate.
Air date April 27, 2013
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Thrill of the Hunt
When a mysterious UltraLink is stolen, it’s up to Max and N-Tek to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands.
Air date May 04, 2013
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Extroyer Unleashed
When a rash of strange robberies target some secret Dredd labs Max Steel investigates and discovers a dangerous new enemy — Extroyer!
Air date May 11, 2013
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Live by the Sword
Trouble starts when Kirby accidentally comes into posession of the cursed sword of Murukami.
Air date May 18, 2013
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Toxzon escapes from his Super-Max prison and seeks vengeance on Max Steel.
Air date May 25, 2013
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Uncle Sam Wants You!
Colonel Castle attempts to lure Max and Steel away from N-Tech. Forge considers telling Max the full truth.
Air date June 01, 2013
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Elements of Surprise: Part One
When Air Elementor attacks N-Tek, Max and his friend’s must defeat the powerful beast before he can infiltrate the base and free his fellow Elementors!
Air date June 08, 2013
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Elements of Surprise: Part Two
When Forge is snatched, Max Steel and our heroes must rescue him while taking on a powerful new adversary.
Air date June 15, 2013
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Extroyer's henchmen steal a package from a science lab and then park their car in a place where they sell preowned cars by accident. The next morning Max and Kirby buy the car... read more »
Air date August 31, 2013
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The Truth Hurts
When Max tells Sydney that his secret identity, his worst fears come to pass as she gets mixed up in one of his adventures with none other than Elementor!
Air date September 21, 2013
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The Secret Admirer
Max's mom starts receiving love notes, and it's driving Max nuts trying to figure out who's behind them. Soon after, Max's mom begins to act weird and attack Max. Can Max save... read more »
Air date September 28, 2013
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Steel is eager to learn more about Extroyer, since he has an Ultra-Link inside him. But when he leaves Max to investigate him, Extroyer scrambles his system and makes him... read more »
Air date October 05, 2013
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X Marks the Spot
Max and Steel are in a road trip on the search to N-Tek's true mission, but instead, they find Dredd and Jason Naught who are looking for a transmitter that will show them all... read more »
Air date October 12, 2013
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Gone Fishin'
When Toxzon's pet plastic goldfish goes missing he holds the world hostage by poisoning all the oceans until Fishy is found. So Max Steel and N-Tek tries to find out the case of... read more »
Air date October 19, 2013
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Making the Grade
Due to his super hero duties as of late, Max has been failing school. His teacher while rummaging through his bag in search of his science project stumbles upon Steel. Initially... read more »
Air date October 26, 2013
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Split Decisions
When the Elementors can't stop arguing with themselves, they settle their differences by splitting up and hunting for Max Steel. Meanwhile, Steel hypnotizes Berto so he and Max... read more »
Air date November 02, 2013
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Pick Your Poison
When N-Tek decides that they need assistance taking down Elementor, they enlist a very unlikely ally- Toxzon to create a toxic formula to defeat him, but Toxzon soon reveals it... read more »
Air date November 09, 2013
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Thanks, I Think
Sydney and Kirby want to help out Max Steel as thanks for all the times he saves the day that they decided to get weapons from N-Tech to take out Extroyer.
Air date November 16, 2013
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Earth Under Siege: Part One
Dredd creates a powerful weapons that will disable N-Tek's shield over the earth making it vunerable to the Makino Invasion; Dredd and The Syndicate attack N-Tek HQ and plan on... read more »
Air date December 07, 2013
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1x26 Season finale
Earth Under Siege: Part Two
During the attack at N-Tek HQ; Ferrus explains to Max Steel of the upcoming Ultra-Link Invasion and their home leader, Makino. He says there will be more ships coming and that... read more »
Air date December 07, 2013
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