Masters of Sex

  • Score 7.9
  • Premiered: Sep '13
  • Episodes: 24
  • Followers: 5.7k
  • Rank #103
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  • Sundays at 10


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Season 2 Disqus
Masters deals with the ramifications of his disastrous presentation and being fired from the hospital. Meanwhile, Libby urges Masters to get another job; and Virginia fights off... read more »
Air date July 13th, 2014
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Kyrie Eleison
Masters begins a new job at Memorial Hospital under Betty's extortion terms only to discover that his boss insists he leave Virginia behind in favor of a handpicked secretary.... read more »
Air date July 20th, 2014
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Masters delivers a baby with ambiguous genitalia and urges the parents not to surgically assign the child a sex out of fear or convenience. Meeting Virginia at a hotel for a... read more »
Air date July 27th, 2014
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Dirty Jobs
Langham observes Masters and Johnson exiting a hotel room and shares his suspicions with DePaul, who is forced to make plans for her work without Virginia's involvement.... read more »
Air date August 3rd, 2014
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Masters continues to break new ground by continuing his study as the only white physician in a Negro hospital but at the cost of his gynecology practice. Libby is confronted by... read more »
Air date August 10th, 2014
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After Hendricks bans Masters from using black participants in his study, Masters contacts a journalist to promote his efforts, using the debunking of sexual stereotypes as the... read more »
Air date August 17th, 2014
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In the wake of Masters' discovery that Johnson has continued to have romantic relationships with other men, he becomes impotent without her knowledge and cuts off their sexual... read more »
Air date August 24th, 2014
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Mirror, Mirror
Masters privately treats a couple for infertility, without revealing his relationship to them. Johnson realizes her work with Masters can be used to help people suffering from... read more »
Air date August 31st, 2014
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Story of My Life
Virginia continues to impersonate a patient's case history in order to glean advice from a psychiatrist. Betty and Masters' attempt to remedy Lester's impotence by hiring a... read more »
Air date September 7th, 2014
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Below the Belt
Masters learns of a rival study and calls in a public relations expert to help brand his work with Johnson. Virginia, having finally learned of Masters' sexual difficulties, is... read more »
Air date September 14th, 2014
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One for the Money, Two for the Show
A television crew arrives at the clinic to document Masters and Johnson's work treating sexual dysfunction. Masters considers the publicity premature, and himself unsuitable as... read more »
Air date September 21st, 2014
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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
After watching an early cut of the documentary, Masters is disturbed by the portrayal of his work. Johnson's move to solidify her custody arrangement with George backfires.... read more »
Air date September 28th, 2014
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