Android Kikaider - The Animation

  • Score 7.0
  • Premiered: Oct 16
  • Episodes: 13
  • Followers: 1
  • Rank #17984
  • Ended
  • Bandai Channel
  • Unknown


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Season 1 Disqus
Lonely Puppet
Deep in the mountains, Dr. Komyoji was about to complete his long time dream in his laboratory when mysterious robot attacks and destroys his lab. Behind the plot is Professor... read more »
Air date October 16, 2000
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Mad Machine
In her search of her father, Mitsuko invites Jiro, the humainoid robot created by Dr. Komyoji, to her but finds out that Jiro has no memory. As she continues her research... read more »
Air date October 23, 2000
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Stray Sheep
Jiro stops to look at a puppet clock and hears a boy talk about puppets and remembers Mitsko telling him he's a mad machine. Next, a figure climbs up at a train station and... read more »
Air date October 30, 2000
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Mitsuko has vivid dream of Jiro being killed and realizes she's starting to like him. After searching she finally finds Jiro through the sorrowful sound of his guitar. ... read more »
Air date November 06, 2000
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City of Rain
Suspect of destroying the radar tower, Jiro is now on the run from the police. As he wanders around the city, he meets a young woman named Miyuki who tells him that he reminds... read more »
Air date November 13, 2000
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Negative Fragments
Mitsuko is worried sick about Jiro when Hattori pays a surprise visit to the Komyoji residence. He says he obtained an amazing piece of information concerning Dr. Komyoji. ... read more »
Air date November 20, 2000
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Afterglow of Regret
Realizing she's trapped in the same house where she used to live with her mother, Mitsuko's bitter memories suddenly return. She finds her father's diary, which spells out all... read more »
Air date November 27, 2000
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Blue Moon, Red Dreams
The genius robotics professor Dr. Komyoji has created Kikaider, a humanoid robot gifted with a "conscience circuit" enabling Kikaider to simulate real emotions and distinguish... read more »
Air date December 04, 2000
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After being told her father is still alive, Mitsuko sets out on a journey with Jiro to find her mother, who knows the whereabouts of Professor Gill. Meanwhile, feeling left... read more »
Air date December 11, 2000
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The Destroyer
With the blue print Conscience Circuit found from Jiro's guitar, Mitsuko learns Gemini has the ability to evolve on its own. On the other hand, Jiro, controlled by Saburo's... read more »
Air date December 25, 2000
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The Machine That Dreams
Amazingly, Dr. Kimyoji's brain has been transplanted into Saburo's head while his body is being preservedin the DARK lab. After getting one of his arms destroyed by Hakaider,... read more »
Air date January 01, 2001
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End of the Dream
After taking over Hakaider mind, Dr. Kimyoji helps Jiro infiltrate into the DARK hideout. Jiro searches for Gill, who tries to confuse Jiro with his flute, but Jiro's Gemini... read more »
Air date January 08, 2001
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Frozen Bonds
Jiro, Mitsuko and Masaru are still looking for some clue to find Dr. Kimyoji when they accidently run into Chigusa. Conflicting emotoins of love and anger hits both Mitsuko and... read more »
Air date June 23, 2003
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