House Hunters International

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Season 42 Disqus
You only live once in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
On husband Cordel's oil well worksite, life was cramped and lacking quality. So he and his wife, Melody, decided to risk it all on a move to her dream locale, Puerto Morelos,... read more »
Air date August 06, 2012
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Seeking Luxury and a Laidback Lifestyle in Australia's Newell Beach
Tired of the dreary skies and chilly climate of Aberdeen, Scotland, Tim and Donna found themselves inspired by a trip to Newell Beach, Australia and decided to make a radical... read more »
Air date August 08, 2012
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An American couple flees fast paced DC for the casual culture of Melbourne with their dog in tow
When Dana's career as a management consultant consumed his life in Washington, DC, his wife, Amy, insisted on an impromptu move to Melbourne, Australia. They can't wait to bask... read more »
Air date August 16, 2012
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Beguiled by Budapest, Hungary
After growing up in the confines of a small town, Denise is looking for the thrill of big city life. So she's packing her bags and leaving behind her sleepy Norwegian town to... read more »
Air date August 27, 2012
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A young Canadian designer and his partner relocate from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain
After living and working in California for fourteen years, a young fashion designer can't get his green card renewed. Charmed by Barcelona's culture, history and even its... read more »
Air date August 31, 2012
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Lovestruck in Weymouth
Heather and Craig, didn't start dating until two weeks before Craig left the Gold Coast of Australia for his fishing job in Weymouth, England. Less than a week after he left,... read more »
Air date September 07, 2012
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Outdoor Enthusiasts Seek Adventure in Australia
Outdoor enthusiasts Josh and Gabrielle are always looking for their next adventure. They moved to the Southern Alps of New Zealand 6 years ago, and they are now ready for... read more »
Air date September 10, 2012
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A Couple Moves to Kathmandu, Nepal to Open A Children's School
After living apart for a year, Adam and Rebecca are reuniting. Adam's leaving the family business behind in Bathurst, Australia to help his wife run a children's school in... read more »
Air date September 12, 2012
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Living in the Great Outdoors of Montpellier, France
Texas natives, Aidan and Paul Larson, first met and fell in love attending University. After honeymooning in France, they've spent the following years plotting how they could... read more »
Air date September 13, 2012
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42x13 Season finale
Time Out in Tarija, Bolivia
Michael and Samantha Parker, wanted to get away from the rat race and swap the precious hours they were spending inside their car stuck in LA traffic for a life away from LA,... read more »
Air date September 18, 2012
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Pursuing Professional Soccer in Concepcion, Chile
Jimmy Maurer, always dreamed of playing professional soccer, so when he received an offer from Chile's premiere league, he and his young family packed up and headed south to... read more »
Air date September 20, 2012
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On the Job in Sarajevo, Bosnia
After climbing the corporate ladder, ambitious corporate recruiter Sandy received an amazing promotion to manage her company's office in Sarajevo, Bosnia. But behind the former... read more »
Air date September 24, 2012
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Choosing the 'burbs or Big Ben in London, England
Ashley and John Butler, have been on a rollercoaster of life changes lately. They recently married in their home of Washington, D.C. A week and a half later, movers were coming... read more »
Air date October 03, 2012
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