Family Guy

  • Score 8.6
  • Premiered: Jan 31
  • Episodes: 258
  • Followers: 13,6k
  • Rank #38
  • Running
  • FOX (US)
  • Sunday at 9


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Season 14 Disqus
Pilling Them Softly
Stewie is diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall, which Brian takes to write a 2000-page proposal to pitch to author George R.R. Martin at a book convention. Meanwhile,... read more »
Air date September 27, 2015
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Papa Has a Rollin' Son
For Father’s Day, the guys track down Joe’s estranged father. But when Joe explains that his dad is intolerant of people with disabilities, Peter steps in and pretends to be... read more »
Air date October 04, 2015
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Guy Robot
Stewie doesn’t like Brian’s stand-up comedy jokes, so the two of them fight. To get back at Brian and make him jealous, Stewie builds a robot friend. But when the robot... read more »
Air date October 11, 2015
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Peternormal Activity
The guys go to an abandoned asylum seeking inspiration for a new horror movie idea, but end up accidentally killing a man they think is keeping them hostage. Wracked with guilt,... read more »
Air date October 25, 2015
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Peter, Chris & Brian
Peter gets a check in the mail from the sale of his mother's home and he remembers that all of his old porn is still in there. When he returns to retrieve his stash, he finds a... read more »
Air date November 08, 2015
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Peter’s Sister
Peter’s sister, Karen, decides to come for Thanksgiving and bullies Peter the same way Meg treats him. While Meg is at first amused, she later feels badly and decides to help... read more »
Air date November 15, 2015
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Hot Pocket-Dial
Quagmire admits that he is in love with Lois. Unfortunately, he proclaims his love while he has accidentally pocket-dialed Peter. Peter is furious and Brian takes it upon... read more »
Air date November 22, 2015
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A Shot in the Dark
When Peter’s couch is stolen from his front lawn, the guys form a neighborhood watch group. While on duty, Peter sees someone trying to climb into Cleveland’s house and he... read more »
Air date December 06, 2015
Brokeback Swanson
When Joe is trampled in a local running of the bulls and becomes a quadriplegic, the guys find it too difficult to hang around him. Meanwhile, Brian sleeps with a married woman,... read more »
Air date December 13, 2015

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