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Season 1 Disqus
Pilot-Welcome to Creepschool
The four kids arrive at Creepschool for the first time. Victoria is kidnapped by a shadow and ends up all alone in a bizarre white, featureless dimension with only her own echo... read more »
Air date March 13, 2004
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Just Joshing
On the way to class, Josh takes a shortcut with Elliot and they end up in a strange room they've never seen before. Despite a warning sign, Josh pulls out a plug in the floor... read more »
Air date March 14, 2004
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Wish of the Garbo
Janice is in a bad mood people keep disturbing her. While reading an enchanted book of the Garbo that grants your innermost desires, Janice screams out, ""leave me alone,"" and... read more »
Air date March 17, 2004
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Tricks That Treat
It's almost Halloween. Assuming that Principal Malcolm doesn't know what Halloween is, they offer to teach Creepschool what Halloween is all about by throwing a party for all... read more »
Air date March 18, 2004
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Goal Keeper
Elliot is depressed; everyone else seems to know exactly what they want out of life, but he has no idea. Master suggests he go to the Chamber of Goals and try out a few dreams... read more »
Air date March 19, 2004
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Cool Clay
While goofing off in science class,Josh creates an explosion that covers the class and his friends in a thick yellow goop.Josh was forced to clean up after class.He was quite... read more »
Air date March 28, 2004
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The Secret Of The Well
Elliot's friend named Master is telling him stories of his childhood in the graveyard.Master was a terror and once,accidentally discovered how to get the Screaming Meemie to... read more »
Air date March 29, 2004
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Victoria is furious over the miss of organization at school. Nothing is well-kept,the schedule hopeless to understand and nobody ever does any cleaning.Catching vision of the... read more »
Air date March 30, 2004
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Laughing Stock
Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
Air date March 31, 2004
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The Disapperance Of Professor Samsa
Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
Air date April 03, 2004
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Forbidden Fruit
Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
Air date April 04, 2004
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