Breaking Amish: LA

  • Score 3.5
  • Premiered: Jul 21
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 49
  • Rank #2421
  • Running
  • TLC
  • Sunday at 9


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Season 1 Disqus
Family Secrets
A new group of seven young Amish and Mennonite adults are trading in their old world traditions for a new life in Los Angeles. Iva, Lizzie, Betsy and Devon (Amish) and Matt... read more »
Air date July 21, 2013
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The cast members make their leap of faith and head to LA in promise of a new world. When they arrive, LA proves to be both exhilarating and exciting, but the vices of temptation... read more »
Air date July 28, 2013
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Black Sheep
An unexpected visitor enters the house demanding to see Lizzie causing her housemates to smooth over the situation. Meanwhile, the house gets even more crowded when another late... read more »
Air date August 04, 2013
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The time comes to take the plunge and trade in traditional Amish clothes for a modern English makeover. It is all cause for celebration, until things take an unexpected turn.... read more »
Air date August 11, 2013
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Betsy is confronted as more is revealed about what took place at the house one night behind closed doors. Iva calls on her boyfriend Sam to help her in a time of need, but gets... read more »
Air date August 18, 2013
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Sin City
The group takes Las Vegas by storm, but it's not all fun and games when Matt is wary of temptation. Betsy's on a mission to expose the truth and has evidence that will change... read more »
Air date August 25, 2013
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Judgement Day
When Iva's fiance Sam says goodbye, simmering tensions boil over with the group. Matt starts a promising internship with a prominent fashion designer and a surprise baby shower... read more »
Air date September 01, 2013
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Into the Fire
Devon's exile from the house prompts Matt to preach forgiveness, to a skeptical crowd. Betsy learns surprising news from a genealogist that leads to a spontaneous trip to... read more »
Air date September 08, 2013
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Paradise Lost
The group travels home from LA with no telling what their fates will be. Matt's reception from his parents is far more dramatic than he ever anticipated. Andrew goes home to... read more »
Air date September 15, 2013
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Cast Off
Sam does not approve of his sister's choices and confronts the father of her new born baby. Lizzie has a big decision to make. Andrew's past comes back to haunt him with his... read more »
Air date September 22, 2013
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Sam confesses about what happened with Betsy in LA and must face the music. Matt's problems with the law continue and he finds out there is a warrant for his arrest. The groups... read more »
Air date September 29, 2013
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The Shunning Truth
The group of Breaking Amish LA are together again as NBC's Michelle Beadle digs deeper into their rocky relationships and stunning betrayals. Nothing is off limits as Sam,... read more »
Air date September 29, 2013
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