Beauty and the Beast (1987)

  • Score 6.9
  • Premiered: Sep 05
  • Episodes: 56
  • Followers: 42
  • Rank #2603
  • Ended
  • CBS
  • Friday


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Season 3 Disqus
Though Lovers Be Lost (1)
Catherine finds out while visiting Joe in the hospital that she is pregnant. As she heads to her car in the parking garage she is kidnapped. Due to Vincent's recent illness he... read more »
Air date December 12, 1989
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Though Lovers Be Lost (2)
As the child grows inside of Catherine, Vincent begins to have strange dreams. He doesn't know what they are at first, but eventually he figures out that they are related to... read more »
Air date December 12, 1989
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Walk Slowly
Vincent takes Catherine from the rooftop back to her apartment. He lays her on her bed. He stays with her until the morning just watching over her. The D.A. finally finds her... read more »
Air date December 13, 1989
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Elliott goes to Joe's apartment (#751) because Joe's on a leave of absence from work in order to stop him from investigating Catherine's death. Elliott gives Joe the address of... read more »
Air date December 20, 1989
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Vincent begins to have nightmares about a bad snowstorm reaching the tunnels. No one wants to listen because the tunnels are too far below ground to be touched by the weather.... read more »
Air date December 27, 1989
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Beggar's Comet
Elliot Birch betrays Vincent ... and dies?
Air date January 03, 1990
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A Time to Heal
Diana notices things in Catherine's apartment that have Vincent's name on them. She begins to realize that Vincent was her lover and probably the father of her child. She then... read more »
Air date January 10, 1990
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The Chimes at Midnight
Diana flees from Gabriel's goons. Vincent surrenders himself to Gabriel and is locked in a cage. To torment Vincent Gabriel begins to show him footage of when he was trying to... read more »
Air date January 17, 1990
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Vincent breaks free and is barely in time when he burst through the door of the nursery where Gabriel is getting ready to suffocate the baby. Vincent attacks him and would... read more »
Air date January 24, 1990
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In the Forests of the Night
Rolley is shot while trying to rob a liquor store. He then returns below. Vincent destroys Gabriel's drug house. Vincent entrusts Snow's ring to Diana.
Air date July 21, 1990
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The Reckoning
Father recieves a letter from an old flame and goes above to see her. The woman's name was Jessica. Father even considers staying above permanently. Helpers are being killed by... read more »
Air date July 28, 1990
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The son of a past cave-in victim wants revenge on Father. He tries to bury him alive.
Air date August 04, 1990
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