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  • Premiered: Apr 29
  • Episodes: 26
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  • Ended
  • TV Tokyo
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Season 2 Disqus
The Young Girls' Trial
Following the understudies' debut, Nagisa has a dream about Atsuko, whilst Yūko ponders about Nagisa and Chieri's potential to be Center Novas. After another performance by the... read more »
Air date January 06, 2013
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A Shocking New Initiative!?
Following the televised broadcast of the AKB trial, Chieri experiences a sudden rise in popularity. In contrast, despite her high demand for gravure photo shoots alongside the... read more »
Air date January 12, 2013
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The Idols’ Dark Before Dawn
As the understudies participate in a pre-election handshake event, Nagisa becomes concerned about Chieri, who has been feeling down since the early result announcement. During... read more »
Air date January 19, 2013
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The New General Elections
Mimori gives Kanata her thanks for helping her get this far, restating her promise that they will both be successors some day. Meanwhile, Chieri is awaiting the results, having... read more »
Air date January 26, 2013
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The Forbidden Star
The elected members are chosen for a concert on Baltistar, a planet completely under the entertainment ban. Meanwhile, the 77th generation of understudies are chosen to... read more »
Air date February 02, 2013
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Inheritor of the Name
After the unexpected election of certain members, fans and members of 00 alike excitedly speculate on the possibility of succession. Yuko, who announced her desire to become the... read more »
Air date February 09, 2013
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Mimori Revolution
With the succession of a trainee confirmed, a succession concert is schedule. The trainee prepares for her succession in the underground shrine of Akibastar.
Air date February 16, 2013
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Battle for Akibastar
Inspired by Mimori becoming the 8th Generation Shinoda Mariko, the successors and trainees shine even brighter. "When a Center Nova is born, the other members shine."
Air date February 23, 2013
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Blue Betrayal
News of the surprise DES attack on Akibastar reaches the distant planet Lancastar, worrying Mamoru. Also, Nagisa's father is transferred to a department completely unrelated to... read more »
Air date March 02, 2013
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Screaming Paradise
Thanks to Michan's actions, the Flying Get narrowly escapes the DES. However, its systems are badly damaged, and the ship is unable to move.
Air date March 09, 2013
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Beyond the Door
Arriving on Sagittariusstar, Chieri and Nagisa meet up with Yasunaga who takes them to Chieri's home as he attempts to set up a meeting with Chieri’s father. In the meantime,... read more »
Air date March 16, 2013
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The Path to the Theater
The plan to take back Akibastar will be carried out soon. Nagisa and the others focus on their lessons. However, Chieri is still unable to recover from the shocking event she... read more »
Air date March 23, 2013
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No Name...
Due to the mind control actions of the DES, the people who were once fans of 0048 now hate Nagisa and the other members.
Air date March 30, 2013
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