Agony Uncles

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  • Premiered: Mar '12
  • Episodes: 6
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  • ABC
  • Wednesdays at 2130


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Season 1 Disqus
The Single Man
The Uncles take us through the rough and tumble of single life, from building up the courage to approach people we like, to trying to get them interested and then, ultimately,... read more »
Air date March 21st, 2012
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You'll probably never be under as much scrutiny in your life as when you're on a date. Everything's under the microscope from how you eat to how you behave, kiss and what... read more »
Air date March 28th, 2012
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The Relationship
So you've traversed the border from dating to relationship and you're feeling a bit jittery. It's OK, the Uncles are here to help us with the big questions of how to impress... read more »
Air date April 4th, 2012
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Moving in
Take a deep breath gents as your life will never be the same again. Fortunately the Uncles have already been there and will let you know when you're ready to cohabitate, which... read more »
Air date April 11th, 2012
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Breaking up
And it was all going so well. But now it's time for the Uncles to hold out a strong hand and guide you through the agony of a relationship that is going quickly south. What are... read more »
Air date April 18th, 2012
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Single Again
Getting back on the horse is tough and no one is more aware of this than our Uncles. Fortunately, they're here to talk you through the balancing act of handling your grief while... read more »
Air date April 25th, 2012
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