Place to Place

  • Score 8.2
  • Premiered: Apr 06
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 13
  • Rank #5024
  • Ended
  • Tokyo Broadcasting System
  • Friday at 1


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Season 1 Disqus
That Way ⇔ This Way
One cold day in winter, Miniwa Tsumiki joins her close friend and crush Otonashi Io to a visit on the Arcade along their friends Katase Mayoi, Haruno Hime and Inui Sakaki.
Air date April 06, 2012
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Delicious Cake ⇔ Valentine’s Kiss
A Part: The group pays a visit to Sakaki's older sister Miiko's Cake Shop, the Hatch Potch, where Io and Sakaki work. B Part: Valentine's Day is on the corner and Tsumiki,... read more »
Air date April 12, 2012
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A Ruthless Snowball Fight ⇔ Cooking Practice (Burn)
Part A: The winter is almost over. The gang divide themselves into two teams and play snowball but Mayoi and Sakaki has some tricks up their sleeves. Part B: Cooking class.... read more »
Air date April 20, 2012
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I Want to Catch You ⇔ Thrills in Love
Part A: Due to a teachers' meeting, afternoon club activities have been cancelled, so Mayoi announces a "Kick the Can" game, for which the students are divided into two teams:... read more »
Air date April 27, 2012
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Attack! ⇔ Number One-Nya!
Part A: After the five have discussed some embarrassing details of the physical check-up, they settle on a competitive volley ball match. The losing team has to fight for the... read more »
Air date May 04, 2012
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Pool and Shirt ⇔ Homework
Part A: It's time for summer uniforms and the students are assigned to pool cleaning. It does not take long for them to make some mess of it. Part B: The afternoon before the... read more »
Air date May 11, 2012
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It's the Mountains! It's a River! ⇔ Barbeque
Although summer homework is still waiting for them to finish, except for Io, the five decide to take a train trip to a mountain resort.
Air date May 18, 2012
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Summer Homework ⇔ Summer Festival
Part A: The girls decide to pay a visit to Io's place as Tsumiki's air conditioner gets broken. However, Mayoi and Sakaki are still held by the task of finishing up their... read more »
Air date May 25, 2012
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Dress me Up! ⇔ School Festival of Love and Romance
The time comes for the school festival and the five decide to mount a crêpe stand (named "つつみん!" meaning something like "I wrapped") together, which turns out to be a great... read more »
Air date June 01, 2012
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Bear Encounter ⇔ Lovelymas
Part A: Mayoi buys a bear costume for cheap and decides to put it to use by scaring as many people as she can. Part B: Mayoi is planning to have a party on Christmas Eve but... read more »
Air date June 08, 2012
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I Look Forward to You in the New Year ⇔ Rice Cake Game
Part A: The five go to the New Year's festival. The following day they come together at the Inuis' place where their teacher Kikue Sakuragawa, who seems to be Miiko's friend, is... read more »
Air date June 22, 2012
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Sweet Gem ⇔ Chocolate Vale tudo
Part A: It's valentine's day and the girls decide to make some chocolates, at school Tsumiki forgot the chocolates she wanted to give to Io. Everybody were having fun trading... read more »
Air date June 29, 2012
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